There are many different models of offering psychotherapy. I now work for and by myself, but some clinicians work in what are considered group practices, which are insurance based and where there are typically a large number of therapists and also psychiatrists. Group practices that offer psychiatry usually prefer or require clients who see their doctors for medication to see an in-house psychiatrist. There are several larger group practices in this area that may be able to accommodate individuals looking to see a therapist more immediately. I am listing them not as an endorsement, but rather to offer options because I know that there are times when people are in urgent need and having a hard time getting responses from any of the places they have called.

Some of the better known local group practices include: Springfield Psychological Services and Psych Choices of the Delaware Valley.

Psychotherapists in private practice typically work for and by themselves. They often share office space with other therapists, even if they are not in a formal business partnership. Recently there are some new faces who have joined me at the 8600 West Chester Pike office! One of the benefits of having more than one therapist in an office space is that when one person can’t accept a new referral, it is always a possibility that another one can. I am grateful to have experienced clinicians working alongside me for this purpose. Each of the individuals listed below is also listed on Psychology Today, so if you hover over their names, you can click to their Psychology Today profile.

Danielle Havelin, LCSW

You can learn more about Danielle by visiting her Psychology Today profile here, visiting her website here, or calling her for an appointment at 484-278-1604.


Bryce Kasuba, LPC, NCC, MAC

You can learn more about Bryce by visiting his Psychology Today profile here, or by calling him for an appointment at 610-212-3328.


Sue Ellen Zhang MSEd, CWC, FTP

You can learn more about Sue Ellen by visiting her Psychology Today profile here, visiting her website here. here, or by calling her for an appointment at calling 267-606-0424

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Disclosure: Please note that any clinician featured here is not formally or legally affiliated with Wayfarers Counseling and/or Laurie A Patterson LLC. Additionally, there is no economic benefit (eg referral fees) to Laurie and her business entities for them to be listed here.