PTSD and Trauma

What is Trauma?

Defining what exactly counts as "traumatic" isn't as easy as it might seem, and even experts have struggled with this question.  Sometimes, two people have similar experiences and while one person has a hard time getting "back to normal" the other person seems to be okay.   Some people have what are known as "developmental traumas"--broken attachments with caregivers, for example, that might not be associated with a clear memory--while others have definite experiences they can recall from either their far or more recent history of something very frightening happening to them. 

In our experience we have noticed that people with post traumatic stress symptoms often judge themselves harshly for being unable to move on with their lives in the way they see others do.   They may find their symptoms, which can include feeling jumpy, startling easy, being irritable, feeling unsafe, having a desire to isolate,  and feeling numb and disconnected from themselves and others, grow over time.  They may feel lonely and that it is too shameful to talk to friends and family about what is really going on.  Some people continue to live or work in situations that act as daily reminders of their traumatic experiences, and thus never feel safe.  They might find that daily tasks such as driving or being around groups of people are terrifying and therefore they begin to avoid them.  For others, even if the threat is removed, the world still does not feel safe. 

People experiencing traumatic stress symptoms may endure a lot of suffering before they seek help.   We understand that reaching out for help can be very frightening and even threatening.  Trauma therapy at Wayfarers is different for each client, but we want to assure you that it is worth the effort and that we take extra measures to make each of our clients feel comfortable and as secure as possible.   

If you have experienced a trauma in your life, big or small, please call us at 610-397-6056.   You deserve to find skilled treatment providers who have the appropriate specialized training.