Stuff I frequently recommend

I often send my clients to this page, to chase down something I have been talking about in a session. If you have found this page, congratulations! There are SO many affirming and wonderful ways to learn about oneself and about the world these days.

Please click on any of the topics to get lots of resources and information!

Click here to learn more about what EMDR therapy is, and how I do (and don’t) practice it.

Podcasts are a really wonderful way to learn about the world and about yourself, and to pass the time while in the car, cleaning the house, walking the dog, or riding the subway. There are many, many great ones out there, and I am sharing some of the ones I have found helpful.

A list of some of the books I have recommended, referred to, and considered the most helpful in my own walk.

Please visit this page to discover some of the websites and associated apps that are available to you, as you embark upon your own healing journey.