Help for Older Adults

What is different about services targeting "older adults"?

As people in this society age, they begin to experience specific life events that may create stress and trigger a variety of feelings including sadness, disappointment, anger, resentment, and loneliness.  In our experience, some of the biggest challenges for people in this age group (about 55+) include retirement, boredom, changing roles with adult children, spousal conflict, health problems and the changing body, financial pressure, and loss as friends and family members begin to face illness and pass away.  

We have seen adults experience their first major depressive episode in their mid 50s, after being able to "hold it together" and do well while raising a family, having a career, and managing in other parts of life just fine.  We have also had clients report that they have had periodic episodes of depression or anxiety symptoms throughout their lives, but were able to mask them more easily when younger, when they had the structure of work and family life to keep them busy.   We have the skills and experience to work with people as they reach and navigate this phase of life, and can help with the transition.  

The phase of life that has been called "the golden years" can in fact be a wonderful time of life.  We are prepared to help individuals address issues that are causing them distress, so they can be free to enjoy their families and activities that bring them pleasure.   Please reach out today for help.