EMDR Therapy

Looking for EMDR?

EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing. I am an EMDR certified therapist and many people come to me having learned about this therapeutic approach and hoping for relief from the pain of intense anxiety, traumatic stress, and other symptoms that may respond to what truly is a revolutionary approach to working with people.

People often are curious about what EMDR is, how it works, how fast it works, and so forth. There are two websites that do a great job of explaining EMDR—the website for EMDRIA and the website for the EMDR Institute. Please check them out to see if they answer your questions.

When people call and want EMDR therapy, I try to be both hopeful and honest. EMDR is a powerful therapy if and when it is right for you, and has helped many of my clients enormously.  However, many people aren’t ready to start EMDR right away. It is an intensive form of treatment and for those with complex trauma histories, there is a lot of preparation work to be done before EMDR is going to be helpful or effective. When people have relatively stable family backgrounds, and minimal exposure to issues such as neglect, abuse, or other forms of developmental trauma, they are more likely to have a positive response without extensive preparation work. Everyone is different, of course, and this is part of the conversation I have up front with clients seeking this type of care.

If you are looking for an EMDR therapist and I don't have any openings, or you have any concerns about what I have written above, please click here to see if you can find anyone else in your zip code or region.