Psychotherapy for anxiety disorders

People who feel extremely anxious may hear others say "you worry too much!" and start to feel that something is wrong with them because they can't seem to "turn their brains off".  A person who is anxious can feel overwhelmed with feelings that something bad is going to happen, that he or she is unsafe, that his/her loved ones will be hurt, and so on.  Sometimes, the person who is anxious is simply filled with dread and anxiety, without being able to say what he or she is worried about.  While these worries may not be rational, that doesn't mean the person who has the worries can simply stop believing in them.   Anxiety disorders can be extremely difficult to live with and often lead to a lot of behaviors and/or habits that a person uses to feel safe and less overwhelmed by his or her feelings.  If this describes you or a loved one, therapy can definitely help, and we have the tools and experience to lead to relief and a calmer life.