A podcast is a great medium for someone who enjoys learning through listening, who may have a hard time concentrating on printed text, and who may have lots of time commuting in a car, on foot, or on public transportation.

Some of my clients have stated they don’t know what a podcast is, or how to listen to one. If this describes you see if this article helps.

Below are some of the podcasts I have found particularly interesting and helpful. Please remember that some podcasts may contain material that is emotionally triggering. If you find something is too upsetting to listen to, turn it off. 

This American Life

The grandparent of podcast form, TAL has been a standby for public radio lovers for over two decades. If you have never listened to TAL it is a wonderful place to enjoy story telling and learn about different aspects of, well, this American life. I highly recommend Unconditional Love, an episode that tells the story of how the field of psychology finally started to believe that love was a basic need and to understand why childhood emotional neglect was traumatizing.

This is Not What I Ordered

I recently discovered this absolutely lovely podcast which is hosted by a therapist who interviews people from a wide swath of life paths who all have chronic illnesses that impair their quality of life. If you suffer with any sort of chronic pain or illness, especially the “invisible” type, this will surely speak to you.

The Highly Sensitive Person Podcast

This is exactly what it sounds like….and is better than I could have ever hoped for…so yes, listen, listen, listen!!!! I recommend episode HSP Podcast #65: Narcissists & HSPs, with Nikki Eisenhauer. This is an excellent episode.

Therapy Chat

Therapy Chat is a podcast hosted by Laura Reagan, LCSW, who covers a wide range of issues.  The content is very strong and her interviewing style is understated and easy to listen to.   You can scroll through her list (she has over 150 podcasts) and likely will find something that you find useful—when going down the list of podcasts you will see a tiny “i” in a talk bubble on the right—click on that, and you can find a description of the podcast.

Podcast #99: The Food Mood Connection features popular body-oriented psychotherapist Leslie Korn who has published on health and wellness and is featured in what was reportedly the second most requested of the first 100 podcasts from Reagan’s series.

Relationships Alive

Relationships Alive also has an extensive library of podcasts on mental health issues, hosted by thoughtful interviewer Neil Sattin and featuring an impressive range of experts in the field. I often direct people to two podcasts in particular, so they can understand Richard Schwartz, the founder of Internal Family Systems therapy (IFS). This is one of the therapy modalities which I use in my practice, and both of these are excellent and thorough interviews for anyone wanting to learn more.

26: How to Get All the Parts within You to Work Together (and with Your Partner) with Dick Schwartz 

140: Mastering the Art of Inner Transformation – Internal Family Systems with Dick Schwartz

Beyond Surviving

Rachel Grant is a coach who has a podcast called "Beyond Surviving" on childhood sexual abuse.  This podcast is best listened to from the start and consecutively. There are many interesting topics and the content is not explicit or triggering. As the name of the series implies, the focus is on hope and survival.

Is there an AWESOME podcast focused on wellness and mental health you would like to recommend? Please feel free to use the form below to send me any of your favorite podcasts and I will check them out (and maybe even share them on this page!)

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